What is Wedding Ritual?

Wedding Ritual is an online space for artists (including writers, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, visual artists and more) to display their work. It is curated by Wes White / Wes Viola.

Artists are invited to share three pieces of their own work and one piece by someone else. The format of Wedding Ritual is inspired by the traditional rhyme supposed to bring good luck to brides:

Something old
Artists are asked to share with Wedding Ritual's readers something from earlier in their creative career; perhaps a piece that brought some attention to their work and that readers might already know well - or maybe something that never got the attention it deserved until now.

Something new
This is a chance for artists to share their latest findings - works in progress, hot-off-the-press topical pieces, perhaps something they're promoting - in any case, ripe right now for its debut. 

Something borrowed
Here, our featured artists can pay tribute to work by others they admire. We ask them to put a spotlight on something by someone else - it could be an artist working in the same discipline, or something completely different. It might be a well-known song that inspired them, for example; or an image made by an aspiring artist they would like to see come to greater prominence.

Something blue
This is the part of Wedding Ritual that, like a garter, is normally concealed. Contributors can interpret this how they like, but are encouraged to consider the use of the term to describe 'erotic', 'risqué' or 'rude' material, as per definition 9 given by OED.com:

"9. colloq. a. Indecent, obscene. Cf. blue n. 14 and blueness 4.
1864 Hotten Slang Dict. 78 Blue, said of talk that is smutty or indecent. 1935 Economist 16 Mar. 584/2 The songs sounded not vulgar exactly, but‥‘a bit on the blue side’. 1959 Spectator 14 Aug. 180/1 It meant that the theatre-going public were deprived of‥outstanding contemporary plays, yet allowed to visit ‘blue’ variety shows. 1965 Punch 2 June 799/1 He also wanted to see a blue movie."
...and to respond accordingly.

Artists in any discipline who would like to be featured in Wedding Ritual, or their representatives, should email me.


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